Hyderabad, July 7th, 2017: Politicians and hoardings are usually an inseparable lot. But in an unusual move, Talasani Sai Kiran Yadav, son of Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav, has come forward to make an appeal against the practice of polluting the cityscape with hoardings, flex posters and banners, with emphasis on the Bonalu season.

Talasani-Sai-Aakasaramanna“The flexi posters and cut-outs come in the way of negotiating vehicles. The situation is particularly daunting at junctions where traffic is stopped for regulation. The maximum number of hoardings are put up there to catch the attention of people,” said Sai Kiran Yadav, citing the hoardings and posters that have come up from various quarters with Bonalu wishes.

“We should all strive to make the city safe for the people. I sincerely appeal to the leaders and their supporters to stop this practice to ensure smooth flow of traffic,” Sai Kiran Yadav said.

On behalf of Talasani Yuva Sena, he has been reaching out to his followers and well-wishers and underscoring the need to do away with the flexies that spoil the cityscape and also cause distraction for drivers. In fact, Sai Kiran Yadav, in one of his appeals, tells his followers: “You have a place in my heart, you don’t have to put flexies.”

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