Women_AakasaramannaThe most common statement by any man that a woman encounters all through her life: “We can never understand women. You people are complicated.”

Guys, please get your minds, a break. We are not that complicated, but just a tad misunderstood.


  1. We Love Compliments (even when we know that most of them are just lies.)
    Who won’t?

    Women ask you, “Do I look good?” You say we are beautiful, more than anyone else in the world. We know that it is a “LIE” (in the era of ‘Kareenas’ and ‘Katrinas’) but we still love it, because that makes us feel special and loved.

    Women ask you, “Am I looking fat?” You say you love us as we are and looks do not matter. We know that it is a “LIE” (in the era of ‘Zero figures’) but we still love it, because that makes us feel blessed to have you.

    Women ask you, “Will you stay with me forever?” You say you’ll love to grow old with us. We know that it is a “LIE” (in the era of constant ‘misunderstandings’ and ‘break-ups’) but we still love it, because that makes us feel wanted.


2.We Love Surprises (even when we want everything to be sensible.)
Who won’t?

Just a small surprise can make us fall in love all over again. Just a simple word from you can make us smile all through the day thinking about it. Maybe we do not say it or express our desires to have them, but somewhere deep down our heart, we want them. Women want to feel the ‘feeling’ of being special to someone.


3.We Need you sometimes (even when we say we are independent, can handle it on our own or want to be alone.)

There are some phases in our life when women are vulnerable to depressions and mood swings. If we say we want to be alone for some time or don’t want to talk, that means we definitely want to talk. That means there is something wrong with us and want you to put some effort to know about it. Man, we chose you, not only for enjoying the good times but also to live through the tough times, together.


4.When we go silent.

If a woman who used to speak a lot, continuously without a break, suddenly goes silent. Then man, you definitely hurt her. At some point or the other, you just broke her to such an extent that she decides to say nothing. She keeps everything to herself, just replies you with a half-hearted smile, and when she does that, she is definitely crying within but would never let you know that.


5. When we do something for you (something that is against our morals.)

Not every girl has the courage to do something ‘big’ for her loved ones. But if we do that for you, if we break our own rules for you, then mind it, we definitely consider you as the most important part of our life and love you from the core of our heart.



She has planned something for you.  She is dying to tell you that. She texts you. You are busy. You consider her as a disturbance. You avoid her. She is hurt. You reply when you are free. You say “Sorry, I was busy.” She melts down. That is a “Woman’s Heart”.  A woman who loves you from the core can definitely not hear a “Sorry” from you.

She is in some trouble. She knows you are busy. She would not disturb you. She’ll try to solve it on her own. You text her. She’ll reply even when she’s busy. Your single text will make her smile and forget all her troubles.

She misses you a lot. She misses all the moments spent with you. She cries. (Yes, we are emotionally weak.) But she won’t tell you that. Even though it is killing her inside, she’ll always try to make YOU happy.


Man, there’s a difference between “Talking to someone when you are free.” and “Free-ing your time to talk to someone.”

You fall in the first category while We in the second. Get the difference?

Well, it definitely does not mean that You are the ones always at fault. There are times when it is entirely the woman’s fault or times when both of them are equally responsible.

But I just wanted to elaborate those points in which the women are constantly being misjudged. I hope you had a great time reading it and wish it helps you to decode something when you come across the above mentioned signs.

Thank You.

P.S. : On a lighter note: “You should probably try learning French, German or even Spanish. They are nothing when compared to a Woman (The Language).”

(wink) Laughing Out Loud!

Have Fun Guys! Happy Reading and Keep Smiling! ☺


Srividya ☺


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