AakasaramannaThis is our India. A girl enters her twenties and she becomes the pry of every eye.

OK. I should not generalize but in most of the cases, it holds true.


So, I on behalf of every girl out there would like to put forward some

very important points.


1. Now, not every girl wants to get married by 23. She has some plans and goals in Life and she has a full right to live for them. So, let her live a little and before you ‘assume’ the correct marriageable age for her, consult her.



2. Just because she has some plans for future or wants to go for higher studies that does not mean that she don’t want to settle in life. Let her fulfill her dreams first.


3. OK. She is in a relationship. Now how does that make her ‘characterless’? Maybe she chose that ‘someone’ only after considering all the pros and cons. She knows what is best for her. Right?


4. She wears short dresses. She does a lot of styling. She is an attention seeker. Please. Can’t you appreciate her elegance while carrying it so perfectly?


5. She has many guy friends. She is not family type. Excuse me. What? So are there no ‘guys’ in their families? Father, brother, uncle. So she should not talk to them as well.


6. It is OK if she doesn’t know to cook. Well, even you are not perfect at everything. And moreover, if she tries, she can be the best cook in minutes.


This does not end here. The list goes on and on. There are too many points but the outcome is one: MARRIAGE.

“You’ve crossed ‘this’ age. You should settle in your life now.” Wow.

“Don’t study so much. We’ll have tough time finding a guy for you then.” So, it is a rule now that the guy should be more educated than the girl.

“Oh! You don’t participate in household chores. What will we say to your in laws?” Say that she’ll learn it from the in laws.

“Don’t roam with your friends, specially your guy friends on roads. What will the people think?” Ask ‘those’ people to mind their own business.

“Take care of your skin. You need to be the centre of attraction everywhere.” Wow! And when everyone looks at her, take her to a corner and hide.

“Don’t go out alone. It’s not safe.

Don’t go out with your girl friends. It’s not safe.

Don’t go out with your guy friends. It’s not safe.”

Funny. We’ll stay at home then.

So, frustrated with all these things, girls bring out these excuses to avoid marriage.

“What? Marriage? I am just a kid mom.”

“I want to appear for some XYZ exams. Not now.”

“I don’t want to leave you all and go so early.”

“Let me study. What will the in laws say if I don’t have a good degree?”

“Mom. I don’t know how to cook. It will take me at least two years to learn it completely.”

“I want a guy who’ll let me stay with you whenever I want. Search for that guy.”

“I don’t think I am ready for it. I need to think about it.”

And even this list does not have a full stop.

SO, I would just say this.

Times are changing. Even you have to.

And please don’t consider this as a ‘Battle of Sexes’. No.

Absolutely not. This is just a general scenario out there.

“Let her live her Life the way She wants. Let her shape her life as she wants. Let her live her dreams. ” Only then will she be happy and the

ones around her too.



Srividya. 

Keep Smiling.

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