Is your mother tongue Telugu??? Then you are surely going to love this article. And isn’t your mother tongue telugu??? Then this article can surely create an interest to visit the telugu states.

2 States….

No! A Big No. It has nothing to do with what you people are thinking.

It has no connection to Mr.Chetan Bhagat’s novel turned movie.

It is about the two Shining Stars down there in the south from the 29

starrer galaxy named INDIA.

It is about our very own Telugu speaking states, Andhra Pradesh and


There, you are again going in the wrong direction. No! I am not here

to comment on the bifurcation and related issues.

Rather, I am here to put forward the views of people residing in

other states, on them. Personally, I too am an outsider to these

states with my heart residing in them.

And with too many north Indians as my friends, it becomes very easy

for me to put forward this matter combining all their views and mine

as well.

OK. So let’s start with the point that tops all the charts.

aakasaramanna1. “So, are you a Madarasi?” The most common question to all

South Indian people out there. No people. Let’s be very clear in

this matter that All South Indians are NOT Madarasis. There is

Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. And only a Tamilian is

called a Madarasi.

aakasaramanna2. Now coming back to our glory. Our very own “Telugu”


Let me state a fact here:

Telugu is the only language in the Eastern world that has every

single word ending with a vowel sound. It is called ‘Italian of the


And I, being from a Telugu background, am very much proud of


Even my friends say, “This is the sweetest south Indian

language among all.” (No harsh feelings.)

aakasaramanna3. Now comes a very important point. FOOD.

“Pulihora, burulu, gutti vankai, pappu, charu, pachhadi, idli-

sambhar (not to forget), dosa ……………….and the list


My friends literally crave for this spicy food. Be it a festival, my

birthday, my mom-dad’s anniversary, my results, my house’s anniversary, any new item in the house, anything, the only question they ask is “When do we come home?”

aakasaramanna4. Then there are festivals. Ugadi, Dasara, Deepavali and the

never ending local celebrations.

I have never celebrated any of these festivals in these two

states but looking at the celebrations on the television, I crave

for it. Some or the other day, I would definitely.

It is not that we don’t celebrate here. We are a very big family

settled here in north. We do celebrate it together with all the

spicy food items and lots of fun but the ambience is always


aakasaramanna5. Then the MOVIES. Now being a big Telugu movie freak, I’ve

shown my friends a lot of them. And mind it that they are not

dubbed in Hindi. Either I provide them the subtitles or I myself

translate all the dialogues with expressions. (That is fun.

Seriously.) And I’ve even got a name for this role of mine i.e.

“Miss Subtitle”.

They say these movies have a content filled with family sentiments,

emotions which are beautifully portrayed. I Agree. Thank you


6. Cleanliness.


7. Greenery.


8. Beaches, Lakes, Sea-ports, Forts etc. etc. etc.


aakasaramanna9. Yes, we are religious people. The uncountable temples that we

have and the way that they are maintained makes the people

go just “WOW”.

10. Now do I have to state more? It is understood.

People consider us as much disciplined, well-educated, family loving,

down to earth, simple, goal-oriented, religious, movie-freaks, funny

and the list never ends.

I would proudly say, “Thank you so much everyone.”

Yes, we are much disciplined but we do enjoy a lot.

Yes, we are well-educated and so you are.

Yes, we are family loving because it is what that made us what we


Yes, we are down to earth and simple and that makes us stand out.

Yes, we are goal-oriented because without that our life is a waste.

Yes, we are movie freaks because we worship art.

Yes, we are funny because we ARE funny.

That’s it. Thank you so much for bearing me through all this that I


I wish this showed, at a least a bit, that how much I love my language

and everything related to it.

Cheers! Peace!

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