Days in my dairy is a short story extracted from Mr. Jayanth Samavedam’s “My Brain Works.” Jayanth’s writings are very popular for their attention grabbing environment which makes the reader to get involved in it and take a tour along with the short story. Now it’s our turn to travel along with it. So, let’s start from here…

Day 1

The very first day…i was waiting for the power to be turned on because
it was a midst summer. I tried to see birds on that fine morning but they
were nowhere seen. The leaves of the Palm tree started to fall giving good
bye like sound with air. I came to know then the truth why I hadn’t seen
any bird on the one likes to be on a hot branch of a leafless
tree like human beings who can’t live in a roofless house. While I was in
my thoughts suddenly the creaking sound of the gate whispered that
someone is coming. I am an ordinary English teacher who teaches the
student, the grammar to enlighten his soul to speak to himself and to
others. I was then waiting for my three students who promised me that
they would come in spite of facing many problems with their school
management who dismissed me without any perfect cause.

They didn’t want to express the reason and i didn’t like to express my
18 opinion. Then I heard a voice “sir!!!”…my heart flied over clouds after
listening to my student’s was sunny. I like her so much because
she was very interested to come to me and get the grammar known. “How
are you sir?” she asked. I was absent minded until she had asked me. I
came into reality and started to search for the other two. Sunny said that
the other two were scared of the management and failed to be present.
They also sent me their excuses for not being present on the first day of
the summer camp. I with my friends started maharshi organization of
social service to serve children who are in need of skills. We started
spoken English camp to enlighten English candles with grammar lights.
I was depressed and raised in anger with the management. But suddenly
the creaking of gate sounded two. I ran off the stairs to see who was
coming. Like sunflower which waits eagerly for the sunshine. I was
eagerly waiting to see who was going to come…hurrah!!!!!! It’s my two
dolls bunny!! And Ronnie. !!!!

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