Freedom 251 Smart Phone for just 251/- rupees??? 

Oh! Freedom 251 Less than an extra large pizza at Pizza Hut….

Can’t believe it right? 

But guys, It is really true. Freedom 251 company is launching a smart phone with android Lollipop 5.1 version for just 251 rupees. The company is launching this mobile as a part of our Indian Government’s Make In India Initiative movement. 

Freedom 251

There is nothing wrong in being worried about the quality and features of the phone when it is being grabbed for such a cheap price. But friends, just remember one thing… All the world class companies across the globe are manufacturing their products as our Indian brains as their ingredients and being succeeded. Then why can’t we, being Indians, trust our caliber and knowledge? All the top companies of the world like Google and Microsoft are being run under the Indian CEO leadership.

And now coming back to the features of this Smart Phone.


Freedom 251 Smart Phone

This Indian product offers 4 Inch qHD IPS display i.e., it’s 10.2 centimeters long which is equal to Moto-E, Htc Desire 510 etc. when compared.


Freedom 251

Freedom 251 offers 3.2 megapixel rare camera for clicking out the reasonably good quality pictures and 0.3 MP front camera for enjoying selfies.


Freedom 251

This smart phone is featured with 3G internet facility to have a high speed net use. Not less than any International brand right?


Freedom 251

Freedom 251 is included with 1.3 GHZ Quadcore processor providing a quick response and cool performance. 


Freedom 251

This mobile is featured with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory. It can support the external memory upto 32 GB ( SD Card).


Freedom 251

A 1450 mAh battery is attached to this mobile for giving you a continuous work for one complete day for one complete charge.


Freedom 251

There is no need of worrying about the compatibility of Apps buddies! Freedom 251 smart phone supports all  the android apps which can be downloaded from Google play store. This smart phone also has the pre – loaded apps that are very useful for Indians like Women, Swach Bharath, Fishermen, Farmer, medical etc. along with social networking sites like Facebook, watsapp, Youtube etc. 


Friends, This Indian product offers all the best features that are being offered by the other smart phones that we are purchasing with thousands of rupees. And now, It is purely our responsibility and loyalty to prove our nationality and love for our India by encouraging such Indian products. Let us make sure that within few years, each and every product used by Indians have “Made in India” written on it. 

And now, how to buy??? and when???

This smart phone will be available in the market from 18th February, 2016, morning 6 A.M. in the Company’s Official site


Please don’t think friends. Let’s make India proud. Let’s encourage our own manufactures. This minor step of your’s can make a major change in our country. A good market for such kind of products will surely inspires the young minds to invent much more valuable and important products for us. Le the Indian minds be useful for India.


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