The name of a film which is mostly being heard since June 11, 2015. Many clips and many images are seen in social networking sites with a great response than any other films in the course of time.


What magic did this malayalam movie had done in crores of hearts?

Is it a very big budget with spell bounding commercial elements and sets?

I say that you are simply wrong if you think like that because the entire film makes us to feel as it was shot in the streets of our own place and in the corridors and classrooms of our own college.

Then what?

And It’s LOVE

Premam deserves the title as an “EPIC FILM” just due to the beautiful projection of the above 3 elements.

Now, let us have a deep discussion about this.

So Simple – So Natural :


Each and every frame of the movie is so natural and simple. There is nothing to feel impossible in the film. All the emotions and all the characters in the film will be faced and experienced in the real life of every person.

Heroism In Lungi :


Heros in this film don’t carry any big swords or AK 47s. They don’t even show themselves in threatening looks or 6 packs. The real heroism was undoubtedly shown in the Indian traditional Lungis that they wore in the film. There are no big damages in the environments during fights and no blood spilling on the floor. The decent heroism in their looks had beautifuly projected.

3 Roses :


The 3 beautiful female leads in the film are the biggest assets for it. Their sweet and lively eyes, natural acting and tremendous facial expressions had given life to every scene of the film. However, Sai Pallavi had stolen the show with her mesmerising dance performance bit, which is already very popular in social networking sites. And the other 2 girls had also shown their best in the play.

Technically Top :


Director Alphonse putharen, himself being an editor, had excelled in extracting the best output in terms of quality and the content. No single shot in the film can be said as a junk. Right from the titles in the beginning, the quality of the film is shown in a very genuine style. The editing is really clean and perfect.

Fantastic Friends :


This heading should be discussed at first than any other point actually.The characterisation of the friends shown in the film are the original and the natural characters that resembles the friends of every person in real time. The care, Love and the silly things done by the gang of friends are really showcased well and had added as a jewel for the film.

Magical Music :


The music in every second of the film is outstanding and contributed a lot in grabbing the viewers attention and made them to take a tour around the Premam. The musical work done by Rajesh Murugesan is very soothing and accurate to the situations.
Director’s Premam :


And now coming to the captain of the ship. Director Alphonse putharen had completely succeeded in bringing up this beautiful love story. He presented the entire pure love life of a person in a span of 2 hrs 40 mins. The entire film reflects his hard work, dedication and creativity.

Thanks to the Team of ” Premam Movie ” for giving us a beautiful visual treat.

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