Biryani… A most widely accepted variety dish all over the world, even had a lot of historical significance and many controversies for it’s origin.

The very first thing to be discussed when coming to this topic is about it’s name. The word BIRYANI was derived from the Persian language. There goes a saying that this word was originated from the word called “Birinj” which means “Rice” in Persia. But there is another theory which states that it was originated from two words “Biryan” or “Beriyan” which means to fry or roast.

Few scriptures of history says that the inventors of biryani were the Mughals and they were the people who brought this dish to South Asia. But the Indian history claims that Biryani was cooked in India before Babur coming here and this dish was not new to Indians.

In the traditional way of preparation in and around the native of Bengal, the semi- cooked fish was kept in rice and steamed along with it and thus, the aroma was completely absorbed by the rice  making it spicy and tasty. It was preferred to cook it in the covered earthen pots during those days. In ancient India, these kind of processes are used and hence, the style called ‘DUM’ is not new to India and it’s counter parts. This made Asians to claim that dish was not a Mughal invention specifically.

In emperor Akbar’s constitution, there was no differentiation between Pulao and Biryani and they treated both equally. There was another theory stating that Biryani was introduced to India by Timur’s dynasty but this saying was neglected since the lack of perfect documentation. In the olden days, Biryani was referred as the Royal dish served to only the Kings families. But in few other parts, it is said that Biryani and Pulao are the military dishes. Since the military people don’t have the time and the feasibility of cooking and enjoying various dishes and curries, they preferred this way of preparation where all the necessary ingredient were used in a single stretch.

South Indians, who are generally the experts in food preparation, performed number of experiments and found many styles and new tastes in preparing Biryani. Keeping Biryani apart, South Indian foods have a prominent place all over the country for their rich usage of spices and other ingredients.

In past, Long-grain Brown rice was used in South India and Zeera Samba Rice was used in North India for preparing Biryani. But, now-a-days, Basmathi rice is being used most commonly for the preparation of this Biryani recipe.

Whatever it may be…, and however it may be…, Hyderabadi water suits the best in preparing Biryani and that made the “Hyderabadi Dum ki Biryani” very famous all over the world. The place named Hyderabad firstly reminds the Biryani to every mind and any person who visits this place, first of all, searches the best place where the original Hyderabadi Biryani can be enjoyed. The evergreen restaurants like Bawarchi & Paradise always gives their best in the preparation of this recipe. Special thanks to this special recipe for being the best taste of this tiny life…

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